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Victory Show at Cosby - Re Enactors dance

Wowzers, what a weekend - The Kalamazoo Dance Band was firing on all cylinders on with CarrieAnne McNally on the Friday night and Laura Brookes on the Saturday night - both nights just fantastic what with the re enactors not expecting a big band to be playing there at all, but Steve Pepper decided that as a thank you to the re enactors for their support that he would put this little treat on for them.

The reaction was brilliant as folks came around the corner of the food wagon and saw the whole beer tent lit up in our traditional colours and the musicians with their pedals to the floor.

Barn Dances, Gay Gordons (complete with guys in kilts happy to show the lasses what they had for breakfast :-) and the okey cokey all went down a storm and more so when we kicked off with Sing sing sing and well over a hundred of them stomping and chanting to the charleston stroll dance routine.

Fantastic comments from the folks who cam to see us and makes it all worthwhile

The ground around there soon turned into a swamp after all the rain, but luckily I had the 4x4 to get me through that, even though i was sliding sideways most of the time.

A big thank you to Natali Stone Pepper and Steve Pepper for allowing us to play at what really is a superb run event across the entire weekend.

Here we are in action

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