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Severn Valley Railway

What a fantastic weekend for The Kalamazoo Dance Band. We were invited to play around a year ago and started to formulate our plans as to what we would do and how we would be received there. The event takes place across a number of locations and we were situated at the main Kidderminster station, at which, you are initially greeted by a Buick Hellcat tank sitting proudly on display together with a host of other military vehicles all set up in their former glory.

We played over two weekends comprising afternoon tea dances as well as evening big swing dance and following Sunday afternoon dances. Mamma Jules (aka The Bonito Sisters) was superb with her vocals and very graciously departed the stage to allow a feature rendition of In the Mood from Hattie B as well as Mamma Jules being joined on stage by the Bluebird Belles singing some 40's favourites.

The whole event was literally fantastic and with well over a 1000 people attending for the big band dance on both Saturday evenings meant we all had a superb time.

The musicians were superb as always and played their hearts out to give a really top quality set of performances.


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