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Weddings and Corporate events

Sax player and function band

We are proud to present two additional services for Weddings or corporate entertainment which are a perfect complement to create a wonderful ambience for your special event:

Wedding Sax player and vocalist

As well as playing top quality music in our swing band, our sax player and vocalist  can be the perfect accompaniment for your wedding requirement, playing a lovely high quality selection of tunes played on the saxophone. Can also sing a vast repertoire of swing style numbers to set a lovely mood - We have played countless weddings where our sax player plays at the wedding during the day and our band then takes to the stage as the main event later.

Wedding function band and vocalist

We are delighted to be able to provide a wonderful small 3/4 piece  function band which is a perfect solution when you are looking for gentle background music during the weeding breakfast or at anytime of course. Our Wedding function band can also include a vocalist  - Likewise, we can also then provide the full band for the main evening party

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