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Playing at 40's events

I've played in big bands and smaller bands since the late 80's and have always been very mindful of what is required to make for a great night of entertainment. I formed The Kalamazoo Dance Band a few years ago with the main aim of bringing great music (guided by you, the very people who will dance to this music) great atmosphere and entertainment as well as immaculate stage presentation.

I have never ever lost the focus that we are playing for you and our continued success is only ever continued by the good folks making recommendations to others or rebooking us and also passing across essential feedback upon which we can steer our act.

We are fortunate to now play across many of the UK large 40's weekends and what with us presenting in our authentic US Army Air Force uniforms and playing the greats of the 40's and swing era makes for such a perfect all round event.

our versatility also takes us nicely into the Rat Pack era presenting in traditional black tie and recreating the swing of Sinatra, Darin and creating a great party atmosphere.

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