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Belvoir Castle 1940’s street party

Well, after over a year of no play for Kal's Kats or The Kalamazoo Dance Band, were delighted to be invited to play at Belvoir Castle for the 1940's Street Party and what a fab event it was too. My thanks to the Belvoir Castle team including Connie, Kate Willey, Charlotte Cobley and all others (i didn’t get your names I’m afraid) your hospitality and support was first class.

Our fellow entertainers including Johnny Victory, Charlotte Porter and yours Truly duo were all excellent as were the supporting volunteers around the castle.

Great to see all the re enactors back in action and a sincere thanks indeed to the German reenactors who helped us with rapid response at the end of the event (more details below)

Good to catch up with the ‘Top Brass’ of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Field Marshall Montgomery and Field Marshall Alan Brook and PC Ben Wilkes

The audience was first class and of course without you, these events don’t happen and whilst it was chilly, you all braved the weather and sat and listened to us and passed some truly fabulous comments - thankyou.

The venue Belvoir Castle is spectacular to say the least and is perched on top of a hill with far reaching views and of course open to the elements which leads me to - I had mentioned how we had been lucky not to have any hurricanes or severe rain and we were 10 mins from the end of the afternoon and in the middle of a tune when all of a sudden, one heck of a wind blast literally tore the side of the marquee out of the ground and as we all know, these things are fixed to the ground with huge steel pins and plates and yet the pins were out and the ground ripped and the plates buckled - then it picked up even more and over went the speakers onto the floor, tearing into Brian’s drum kit and damaging other stuff in its rage. Special thanks to Lee Brookes who had clearly just popped a can of spinach and did his best to hold the marquee poles and as the shouts began to ring out, the organisers were quickly on site as well as the German re enactors who quickly joined us to hold the marquee up as we hurried to get the band gear out.

I’m delighted to report that no one was hurt and of course no one could have foreseen this freak weather occurrence and most of all poor Sylvia (Our band coordinator) suffered a very nasty ladder to her tights 😂❤️ but on a serious note, no injuries at all.

Lastly, my sincere thanks to Belvoir Castle and we would be delighted to return again next year and we’ll even bring our kites 😂🤣 - Thankyou ❤️


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