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Time for the Roaring 20's

Well now, what a year 2019 has been with over 130 get togethers of the 5 band line ups we now run covering 7 different music genres and presentation styles.

We have played at numerous festivals, weddings, special events, small family functions and also supported some major corporate events including MentalHealth UK.

We have played war themed events in our Kalamazoo Dance band style where we have been outside and had to quickly gather our gear together because of rain and all haul it back inside. 

We've played Gatsby events and Peaky Blinder events some of the UK premier event organiser locations including Black Country living museum amongst many.

Im extremely honoured to be supported by 9 superb musicians who have done an immense amount to support charities (and never really advertised it, just got on an done it and literally raised thousands of pounds for the respective organisations - we do this with song or noise because the this about giving back and not necessarily shouting 'look at us' we believe we will get our reward in an indirect fashion with said organisations being happy to refer us forward for other events.

We now have a number of our songs up on apple music, Deezer, Napster, Spotify etc and a load of videos on Youtube and various sites including Instagram.

We love what we do and I can tell wholeheartedly that the band members love the activity as well and I know some of the weekends we have played at have been particularly heavy especially when it is 6 events in a weekend and I sure do feel for the like of our first class drummer Brian Luke who gets no respite at all and is simply slogging away in the engine room constantly.

In addition, his dear wife Sylvia does so much of the coordination behind the scenes in terms of pulling music together, keeping me on the straight and narrow and making sure nothing slips between the cracks. 

We now offer some great music line ups including

Great Gatsby

Peaky Blinders

Art Deco Ballroom dancing

Glenn Miller style 40's events

40's and 50's style jive/swing/rock n roll, Lindy, Balboa

Soul and Motown

Rat Pack 

as well as the above, we can also offer vintage Vie which is our vocal duo or Laura and Kal performing a vast repertoire of numbers spanning all those genres listed and perfect for smaller events, budgets followed by the big band set up for later.

We now have our theatre show ready as well called 'Dancing through the Decades' or Musical Memories and is perfectly set up to depict everyone of those genres in perfect style featuring the brilliant vocals of Laura and the Bonito sisters and Bezz (Nat Swing Soul) 

We also fall under the umbrella of 'Just Great events' providing a wider range of bands and services to support any kind of event.

We now move into the Roaring 20's and look forward to some fantastic Great Gatsby style events to really recreate the heady atmosphere of that bygone era.

Lastly, I also started working as a Radio presenter on covering music of the 20's to the mid 50's and have built a nice little following fo listeners and look forward to receiving their requests and also playing a few of our own tunes and melodies.

We also have our Clarinet and sax player Paddy make a decent lady out of Kayla by making her his bride on Christmas Eve and also our Bass player Ben saw himself betrothed in engagement to Jess - so it's all happening in the love division for the band :-)

So onwards and upwards we march and Im particularly keen to drive the bands up to the next level and see what that might bring. I believe we have some fabulous band line ups that have grown a very impressive following and we look forward to playing for the lovely folks again this year.

Thankyou so much to the organisers who have believed in us and booked us including (but not limited to)

Linda at Whitby

Jane at BCLM

Andrea at Haworth

Helen at York

Guy at Lutterworth

Pete at Kirk Hallam

Andrew and Kim at The Regency Dance Centre

Thankyou to all the friends and our families for supporting us and making us feel that all this is worthwhile. We love what we do and hope you continue to enjoy spending your valuable time with us.

Cheers to you all and wishing you a great 2020

Kal and the bands at

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