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Cotswolds it is then

the day before we hit the Cotswolds to play for the GWR Swing dance at Toddington railway station 40's event. Really looking forward to this one, we will start the day as The Kalamazoo Dance Band playing in US army uniforms playing a Tea/swing dance with a mix of ballroom, sequence, latin and jive numbers and mainly featuring our female Vocalist Laura Brookes since she won't be there in the evening.

Then we go all quick change to set up as Kal's Kats for the evening big swing dance and playing mainly swing dancing all through the night.

Then the big challenge since we have all the equipment set up in the Marquee - do we take it all down and re set up again the next day, or ........ so a decision has been made and both Phil and I will be sleeping in the marquee all night in sleeping bags on the stage - wow, it's all rock n roll in this band :-) At least we'll be dry and then wake up all groggy and wrecked and a few hours before we become The Kalamazoo Dance Band again and do it all over again. Should be good fun if nothing else.

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