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Phantom Thread Film and Kal's Kats

As you will now know, The Kalamazoo Dance Band and Kal's Kats as well as our newly formed The Regency Dance Orchestra are actually all the same band but presenting in very different presentation styles.

I reported recently our success with our Kal's Kats line up being chosen to feature in the Oscar Nominated film Phantom Thread starring Sir Daniel Day Lewis.

This really was an incredible experience for us and I was delighted to be contacted by BBC Radio Derby the other day to discuss Kal's Kats and its inclusion in the film which is due to be released on Feb 2nd 2018

I went along to the radio Studios yesterday to meet with Radio presenter Ian Skye to discuss how this journey with the Phantom Thread film evolved.Whilst it was only 7 minutes in duration, the news had started from 7am stating that a local Derbyshire swing band was due to visit the station later to discuss the film.

I really enjoyed the experience albeit a little daunting when the red light goes on and you suddenly have to talk.

We would love for new opportunities to present forward now that this has come to the time of the film launch.

Here is the recording that took place and in addition, many thanks to all our followers for such wonderful support and friendship, as well as band partners and Sylvia - who do so much behind the scenes to allow us a smooth journey forward. Thankyou !!

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