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90th birthday swing out

about 8 months ago i received a call from Diane to ask if Kal's Kats were available to play for her husbands 90th birthday party and we want it in Gatsby style with plenty of 20's music as well as a mix of swing and rock n roll. there will be 100 guests and they range from 20-90. So i thought, well here's a conundrum- in that do I set a programme of waltzes, quicksteps foxtrots as well as some swing etc given the range of ages etc and respectfully to the host, its not like they are booking and holding parties like this every night. Anyway, i thought i'll do exactly as asked and we'll see how it goes.

Off we went to The Robin hood Golf club in Solihull to get set up and wait around for 3 hours (as you do :-)

Guests arrived and likewise so did Des the 90 year old birthday boy ready to swing his way around the dance floor - he said 'oh i do love this Kal's Kats set up - what is it ?? to which a few of us laughed and said it's your surprise birthday which has been set by your wife. He said 'oh, what a lovely surprise :-)

So they ate dinner and then it was time to play - opened with a bit of Glenn Miller as per the request -Little Brown Jug which we normally play with The Kalamazoo Dance band rather than Kal's Kats - but hey, 'he who pays the piper', and then we stepped into the charleston style numbers before moving onto swing and true to form, they all got up and learnt the Charleston stroll and basic lindy dance moves which was great fun and always a laugh when you see some folks just get it immediately and others well:-) you'd think you were trying to teach River dance with feet going everywhere but where they should be:-)

They danced away all night and also a lovely ballroom dancing demo during the break which was excellent from a local dance school.

Also delighted that Terry and Jan Comerford - a lovely couple and excellent photographers

came along to take a heck of a lot of photos of us playing as well as the Kal's Kats stands etc and very pleased that he will kindly allow us to use them as well.

Overall, a great night once again and im sure Des must be drinking some mighty fine spring water every day to keep himself in the fine fettle he is. What a fella and many thanks to Diane and Des for allowing us to be part of this special day.

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