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Broseley -40's swing dance

Well Broseley, what can we say - Absolutely brilliant!! The Kalamazoo Dance Band rolled into Telford for The Broseley music festival 40’s dance. A lovely little social club with a crackin atmosphere and everyone clearly buzzing getting ready for a great nights entertainment and I’m delighted to say that they got what they wanted in spades.

The room was all decorated so nicely with bunting and flags all over the place and then the guests started to arrive until the joint was packed to the rafters.

The mix of ages was well served by our music, playing the greats of Glenn Miller and Count Basie etc as well as swing, party numbers to keep the swing dancers going nuts. The epitome of the evening for me was when we played We’ll meet again - I had no female vocalist booked for this one and usually we play a two parter for we’ll meet again with our female vocalist starting and then changing the tempo up to a swing version which I lead on. So now what - I know, I’ll use the ladies in the audience and my god, they were brilliant - I pulled 10 ladies up from the audience, gave them two mics and the band started playing and then the ladies started to sing - that was magic. A Brilliant night and special thanks goes to Dan and Debbie Glaze as well as Jade Tonks for being such great sports. Lastly, our persona thanks to those who follow us around and travel some big distances to come along to our dances - you are all fantastic xx

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