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GCR- Great Central Railway 1940's Weekend

Well now, what a fantastic weekend with the band at GCR Quorn station. Folks all over the place in uniforms - U.S. and German and all having a great time. Superb flyover from a Merlin engined 32 litre Spitfire and a fantastic saturday night big swing dance with folks going mental as per usual which is so satisfying for the band. Then on Sunday we returned to do it all again for an afternoon tea/swing dance playing waltzes, quicksteps and foxtrots as well as the trusted swing dances - had some children coming up to join us on stage to play a 'trumpet' so all the mums and dads taking photos - wonderful!!

. Both bands continue to go from Strength to Strength and next weekend we do it all again and this time at Retro Festival and then onto Wicksteed Park 40's event.

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