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North, South, East - not west

blimey what a weekend, in the words of the song As long as I'm moving by Ruth Brown, we did just that. We piled across to Peterborough Parkway club on Friday night for a big band dance with The Kalamazoo Dance Band which was excellent fun and lovely to catch up with the swing dancers some new and others of course great friends.

We were then up early Saturday morning as we trekked to the Leicester Vintage carnival as Kal's Kats for a monster swing set in a large marquee together with our dance partners Red&Ginger who did a miraculous job of teaching the shim sham to a load of newbies in just 40 minutes - I must say I looked on as Captain Doubting Thomas - but in time honoured fashion, kaboom, everyone was doing the shim sham - then we opened the second set and played a few numbers before returning to the shim sham again and with is playing and Red&Ginger leading the charge - a set of pure magic to behold.

We wrapped up there at 4.30pm and toe'd it to a private corporate party at Oxford in another marquee and this was a stormer - started off a little reserved as they were all novices to the charleston stroll and barn dances etc, but in time honoured fashion, we soon took the lid off the joint and of course they were like screaming banshees at the end and one of the ladies who just went mental at 'Just wanna make love to you' came up and apologised afterwards after having pretty much flaunted everything you could - I personally didn't;t see any problem with that at all of course - we need more of that to keep the world going round :-)

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