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Hawthorns rooftop swing dance

well, what great gig this weekend and what a laugh (well it is now, but wasn't at the time) we were booked to play at The Hawthorns centre at Aldridge and two choices to either play indoors on one of the floors in the centre, or up on the roof terrace - we opted for the roof terrace - the weather looked good, so we went for it. Only a few people there to start and we though oh well, we'll play on all the same - with that, Paul Neary from Swing Express started to lead of the folks with a dance lesson and before we knew it, the roof terrace was rammed full with over 150 people who had turned up having seen the advert.

Now it was cooking - a really buzzy atmosphere with everyone really stepping up to the dancing and then we started to play which really created a fab atmosphere.

Then we took our break and after which it was time to go back for set two - we played three rock n roll numbers to get them all going and then the first smattering of rain started, so true hero's, we played on and then boom, within 20 seconds it literally emptied the sky onto us.

Now, we had our emergency plans in place that everyone would just grab the bear and get it inside and so everyone mobilised and in true team spirit, we were all soaked but got the gear safely inside.

I would stood just to the side of the little gazebo that was over us and obviously the rain had pooled into a fairly substantial pocket of water and of course what happens next - the lot came down right down the back of me - i was soaked more than someone who is soaked :-) - but still we took all the gear down and got it all safely packed away for another day.

After driving home in wet shirt with the AC blowing all over it to dry the water out.

I'm now spending the time printing off more music with the other stuff ruined from the water - hey ho.

we'll certainly be back there again, a great afternoon at a great venue and lovely people as well. Special thanks to Paul Neary and Sarah from Swing Express and all the followers of the band especially Strictly Jitterbug who always make the time to come along and support us.

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