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ahh the good ol' BBC

with Quentin Rayner BBC East Midlands today

well well, what a fab day yesterday - we were contacted by Quentin Rayner - Journalist at BBC East Midlands Today to run a live feature of the band in line with our recent involvement in the oscar nominated film Phantom Thread starring Sir Daniel Day Lewis.

We shot across to our resident rehearsal location at Kirk Hallam Social Club to set up in full dress rehearsal style to record a few tunes and interview with Quentin.

It's a bit of a surreal experience really given the Video footage guy Ian was setting up lamps with his assistant as well as getting the wireless signal sorted back to HQ at Nottingham.

We were walked through the steps that were going to unfold and then had a few dummy runs to get things sorted.

We chopped a few of our tunes around a bit to ensure we were right on cue when required.

We started with a 'Teaser' to let the good folks know what was coming down the pipe and then when we were ready, the interview would begin.

Ian the camera man was moving from side to side along the front of the band stands and the aim was to upload the footage live straight through to BBC in Nottingham. Talk about nerves:-)

The camera itself costs about £50k and the lens was £35k - serious videoland and Ian was rushing along side by side across the front of the stands to create the effect and get us all in the shot. The device on the back of the camera was a wireless transmitter ready to send the video via live feed straight back to BBC Nottingham - that little box was £6k

we played a little bit of Ain't nobody here but us chickens and then i stepped off the stage to have quick interview with Quentin before stepping back on stage to join the guys as we played flip flop fly. Those great guys being Paddy, Jordan, Roy, Fred, Brian, Ben and Peter

Overall, this was a great experience for Kal's Kats as a vintage swing band in the UK and so delighted for us to have had the experience to be included in the Hollywood film Phantom Thread and then to be interviewed on both BBC radio and BBC TV. well done guys - Hats off to you. Lastly, big thanks to Peter at

Kirk Hallam Social Club for hosting us there every week and for agreeing to own up on Monday night.

Here is the BBC link

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