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Bertie's goes to Kalamazoo

a truly fab evening at the gorgeous venue that is Bertie's ballroom in Halifax. Jackie booked The Kalamazoo Dance Band nearly a year ago with a view to having us play in our typical Glenn Miller uniform style together with all the lights and trimmings etc to make it one heck of a memorable party night raising money for the school via the PTA. She said 'I know you do Glenn Miller music etc, but could The Kalamazoo Dance Band play a load of party music for us as well' and of course never wanting to turn down a challenge, i thought yes of course we can and so off we trotted to Berties. I have to say, what a lovely venue. we got there nice and early to get all our stage set up sorted and that together with a pull down screen an our vintage video clips meant we were going to have a really excellent night. The stage was set, the diners were arriving and of course they looked fab all dressed uptown the nine's. They had their raffle and the ticket under the bottle raffle which worked really well and then it was gone 9pm and time for the might Kalamazoo Dance Band to hit the stage and we did, with a vengeance as we opened up with Count Basie's version of One o clock jump, which after the lovely solo by Jordan then suddenly came alive as Rob stood up to let fire with his excellent tenor sax solo. That was it - That's all it took for the dance floor to be rammed and that was how it continued through the evening. We played all the party numbers and even the cheesy winners such as hokey cokey and then gay gordons etc even interjecting a little bit of the mavericks with Dance the night away. Laura did a fantastic job as always with some superb vocals. At the end of the night, everyone was of course worse for wear, but hey that's what it is all about - forgetting the worries and strifes of the world for a few hours at least - Brilliant job all round and then the steady ride home watching the speed cameras since you know what they say, just one mile an hour over - you were right George Orwell :-)

Kalamazoo Dance Band at Bertie's Ballroom

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