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British Legion 40's Tea Dance

What a lovely afternoon !! The Kalamazoo Dance Band was back at Oakleigh Lodge for what must be the 5th return visit. What with it being a Saturday afternoon, i didn't really hold my breath for a good audience, but wow, was I in for a surprise when the large capacity room (normally holding up to 300) was all but full of happy folks all in for an afternoon Tea Dance. The stage looked magnificent after we had dressed it with our finest Kalamazoo Dance Band set up. We were further delighted to have the absolutely fabulous Bonito Sisters who are a really first class Andrews Sisters tribute group playing some lovely close 3 part harmony.

We started the music and they were a little slow to come out of the starting blocks, but then again it is often a little weird what with it being early afternoon and not really the time for a few bevvies, however, the seasoned dancers who really know what to do, like Sam Luna Louise and Joe Powell took to the floor and others started to follow. Terry and Tina equally out of the traps and onto the floor and so the scene was set, then looking across to the side there was Kayla 'doin'her thang' and into the groove.

We do have some really lovely followers of both bands The Kalamazoo Dance band and Kal's Kats and it is always a joy to catch up with them - Joe and Sam, Tina and Terry, Clare Parrot, Martin Hirst, Lynn Juska, Lisa Saunderson, Huda Wildy, Bez Berry, Lesley Highfield, Gary Saunderson - To name but a few and i'm sure ive missed a load here.

We were also graced by some attendees from some of the local nursing homes and how wonderful to see them shimmying along and enjoying themselves.

We played a great Glenn Miller number called Ciribiribin and one elderly chap commented how he heard this for real on the radio when he was a little lad and how hearing it now live had brought back so many memories.

One little elderly lady had asked her carer if she could have her photo taken with some of the 'nice people in the Kalamazoo Dance Band' and of course how could we say No. That picture is attached below.

Its funny since playing this absolutely wonderful music and seeing the joy it brings to all the lovely people is just so special and well worth the time and effort.

There is no greater feeling than when you are playing the music and you get a moment to look around see your fellow musicians all going at it foot to the floor and producing some really first class sounds and seeing a dance floor full to bursting with dancers revelling in the very music they love.

And that took us to 2.30pm and one encore of flip flop fly led us to our close.

A wonderful afternoon and a pleasure to play for such lovely people.

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