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Brooklands 'powering all the way'

Well, a welcome return to Brooklands museum once again, last year was a belter and the weather was very kind to us, however, alas this year, the weather wasn't having any of it and it literally threw it down from mid afternoon. such a shame really since there was a huge marquee with Hoc and Mark Ewing running the dance classes, the swing shift bringing all the music in between sets and the beautiful and first class vocalist that is Noelle Vaughn singing some beautiful tunes in between sets as well.

Moreover however was the fact that outside, all the lovely folks and stall holders had taken so much time to get their trade stands set up ready with some lovely displays with a really grand range of clothes, hats, uniforms etc - and then the rain came in torrents whereby everyone took to huddling under the cover of the trade stands, however, since the rain was lashing it down so much, it had unfortunately collected in the roof tarpaulin which eventually became overloaded of course and with one almighty crash as the supporting struts gave way, down came an olympic swimming pool sized deluge of water right between the hat stands and coats and the entire load was literally soaked right through, not to mention folks who were underneath taking a 100 gallon shower right there and then.

Even inside the marquee, the water was pouring in between the edges, but hey, the sow went on and we played in our US army air force uniforms for the lovely folks to dance to a mix of Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Artie Shaw as well as numerous others with the dance floor enjoying a host of lovely dancers all afternoon.

I thought id grab a little snack in-between sets and opted for a chicken burger which seemed steep £7 a go, but thought hey, when in Rome - well now clearly i must have been the only one to order one of these since this thing was dry as a bone and just poor to say the least, I think if id had one of those small tubs of butter you get in a hotel, Id have smeared it on my wallet and eaten that instead. Oh well, not to worry.

Next year they are looking at different dates since there were 5 other events that weekend and of course the division of punters from 1to 5 makes a significant impact, so we shall await the outcome of the new dates.

We were also interviewed by the local radio station who are also going to play a few of our tracks on radio as well which was a nice little touch. Looking forward to listening in to that being broadcast.

As always, the band were on tip top performance and some wonderful feedback from the audience made sure that everyone had a great time despite the grim weather.

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